Contacting Deceased Loved Ones

Not What We Expect

Contacting beings without bodies (including people that have passed over) is certainly within my capabilities. I find it can be frustrating sometimes for the clients seeking such interaction, as the answers from our departed friend(s) and family are not always what we expect or hope for.

It is important to understand our deceased loved ones are communicating from an entirely different plane that allows them a super expanded awareness and perspective. Earthly concerns, along with limiting personality attributes, have been shed and are no longer of any great importance.

Their responses, based on this new vantage point, often do not satisfy our mortal agendas. I've found, however, the NEEDS of those of us still earthly bound are addressed in such sessions by these beings who've gone beyond their bodies.But again, not always as one would assume.

Learning the Language

There is another interesting aspect for me in such readings. I don't "channel" by choice, for my own reasons, and from experience. Basically, I read subtle energy, through methods I've learned and practiced. It is second nature to me now and I know how to get the information and interpret it. In other words, I understand the language.

Contacting beings without bodies poses a challenge because they all communicate differently. Some talk by showing me images, some by giving me impressions or feelings, some by a mixture of data streams or concepts. Very rarely is it in words.

So there is a bit of a learning curve for me each time, as I must figure out how to understand the answers and express them as we go along. Often I am deciphering information bearing little relationship to our limited world and we don't have words that can hold the idea(s) being offered. Still, I've gotten more adept, and clients usually receive something that satisfies.

Benefits Determined By Our Intentions

Those are my caveats, and with that said, the benefits of seeking such communication are determined by our motive(s) for desiring it. If one hopes for peace, and perhaps some resolution, a reading can gift that.

If items are missing from the estate, or there is bickering going on amongst the heirs, this approach may not provide a definitive solution. Our loved ones that have moved beyond death are engaged in working soul level growth issues and their focus in answering our questions reflects this perspective. This change can be profound.

Matters of the heart, intent, and clarity are the most rewarding themes to explore in such readings.